School of Nursing Civility, Anti-Racism, Anti-Discrimination Charter


To foster and support an ethical, respectful, and professional academic work and learning environment for all members of the School of Nursing (SON).


We, as Niner Nurses and members of the SON, pledge to uphold the Noble Niner UNC Charlotte Honor Code, and Provision 1.5 of the Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (2015), which states that all nurses are responsible for creating “an ethical environment and culture of civility and kindness……’ any form of bullying, harassment, intimidation, manipulation, threats or violence are always morally unacceptable and will not be tolerated” (p.4). Additionally, in support of the ANA’s position statement on Discrimination and Racism in Health Care (1998), we are committed to ending discrimination and racism, in the nursing profession and in society.


To honor this pledge, all members of the SON commit to an environment that is free from racism and discrimination, promotes respect, diversity, collegiality, professionalism, integrity, and productive discourse.

We pledge to abide by our vision, mission, values and co-created norms and to communicate and interact with civility, professionalism and respect. When we disagree, we will restrict our differences to the issue itself while continuing to respect the person with whom we disagree. To accomplish our commitment, we agree to abide by and be accountable for the following norms:

  • Assume goodwill and best intentions;
  • Be respectful in all interactions;
  • Use direct communication and speak directly to the person involved;
  • Role model professionalism, civility and ethical conduct;
  • Listen carefully and with intention to understand;
  • Honor and respect diversity;
  • Promote an environment which is free from racism and discrimination;  
  • Be open to other points of view;
  • Hold self and others accountable for abiding by co-created norms;
  • Empower one another to create and sustain a more ethical and civil environment;
  • Abstain from disparaging or acrimonious speech, in all interactions