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News & Events


We are excited to announce and extend congratulations to three members of our school of nursing faculty! Dr. Judith Cornelius was promoted to Professor this year – congratulations!  Dr. Charlene Whitaker-Brown was promoted to Clinical Professor this year – congratulations! Dr. Kathleen Jordan was promoted to Clinical Professor this year – congratulations!  Please join us […]

UNC Charlotte’s School of Nursing recently demonstrated its commitment to community welfare by promoting a local food drive. Dr. Carolyn Horne and Laura Magennis generously donated their time to deliver an assortment of food items to the Jamil Niner Food Pantry. The donation was made possible through a successful food drive organized by the nursing […]

Dr. Laura Magennis has been appointed to the Executive Committee of MedAssist, an organization dedicated to ensuring that no eligible person in North Carolina has to choose between purchasing food or their needed medication. Dr. Magennis’s appointment shows her commitment to public health and the betterment of her community. Congratulations to Dr. Magennis!

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