Become A Preceptor

At the heart of the UNC Charlotte School of Nursing, lies the vital role of preceptors.

These experienced mentors guide and shape the next generation of nurses, empowering them to serve our communities with excellence. Our aim is to ensure that the precepting process is enriching and mutually beneficial, seamlessly integrating into your clinical routine with minimal interruption.  Under the direction and monitoring of our expert faculty, becoming a preceptor may be an excellent next step in your career journey.

What is a Preceptor?

A preceptor is an experienced practitioner who imparts knowledge, guides, oversees, and serves as a mentor for our undergraduate or graduate students throughout a defined period in a structured program. Preceptors are expected to perform the following types of activities:

  • Instruct and demonstrate various clinical skills and procedures.
  • Provide general supervision during clinical placements and experiences.
  • Offer guidance and mentoring support.
  • Share clinical expertise and knowledge with students.

Preceptors are vital at UNC Charlotte because they play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of nurses. Their expertise, guidance, and mentorship empower students to translate classroom learning into practical skills and knowledge in real-world healthcare settings.

Why Should I Become a Preceptor?

Preceptors not only facilitate hands-on learning experiences but also instill professional values and ethics essential for nursing practice. Their contributions ensure that students are well-prepared to meet the challenges of nursing and make meaningful contributions to healthcare communities.

Our current preceptors needs includes: Family Nurse Practitioners, Acute Care Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Administrators, and more!