Student Resources

Student Resources

College can be a challenging time…

But with the right strategies and resources, you can set yourself up for success. Strategic resource utilization is crucial for college success because it allows you to maximize your potential and make the most of your time here at the UNC Charlotte School of Nursing. By using the various resources available to you, you can enhance your learning experience and achieve your academic goals.


Test-taking techniques are skills that can successfully navigate any testing scenario regardless of your familiarity with the subject matter.

Testing strategies help you translate your knowledge from the classroom. You will see positive growth in your testing competency and overall academic performance. Take a look at our Test-Taking Strategies.


To help manage your everyday lives and turn in academic assignments on time, better time management can ensure you are well-prepared, organized, and focused.

Learn more about time management by joining a workshop hosted by the University Center for Academic Excellence: Academic & Personal Development


The Division of Student Affairs provides tips and advice from current students on money management through Niner Finances. You can also learn more about managing your tuition, budget, and bills through GradReady.

Searching for a scholarship? Another website is Scholarship Experts. This is a free website to search for scholarships of all types.


Students become more motivated, self-directed learners when they understand that educational planning has an impact on their career path. Career planning allows students to better understand who they are, what they like to do, what they do best, and how to connect them all.

We encourage you to visit Career Branding sponsored by the University Career Center. The center also provides useful information on how to write resumes and CVs, create LinkedIn profiles, prepare for interviews, and more!