Faculty Publications for 2023

Willie M. Abel, PhD, RN, FAHA
Schaffer, R. (2023). ‘Drastic changes’ needed to combat rising hypertension rates, worsening control.
Interviewee Abel, W. M. Cardiology Today, 26(4).
Abel, W. M., Efird, J. T., Crane, P. B., & Ferdinand, K. C. (2023). Self-management program and Black
women with hypertension: Randomized controlled trial substudy. Research in Nursing & Health.
Advance online publication.
Abel, W. M., Efird, J. T., Crane, P. B., Ferdinand, K. C., Foy, C. G., & DeHaven, M. J. (2023). Use of
coaching and technology to improve blood pressure control in Black women with hypertension: Pilot
randomized controlled trial study. Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 25(1), 95-105.

Job Chen, PhD
Chen, Z. J. & Nute, K. (in press). Architecture, time, and well-being: Toward transcendence. In Counted,
V. & Cowden, R. (Eds.), Place, spirituality, and health: A multidisciplinary approach. Springer.
Cowden, R., Shiba, K., Chen, Z. J. & Fancourt, D. (in press). Can prayer during COVID-19 home
confinement support psychological health after lockdowns end? A longitudinal study of UK adults. In
Counted, V. & Cowden, R. (Eds.), Place, spirituality, and health: A multidisciplinary approach. Springer.
Villanueva, R., Chen, Z. J., & Huang, Y. (accepted). Analytic thinking, religiosity, and defensiveness
against secularism: Absence of causality. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. Advance online
Chen, Z. J., Khan, Z., Cowden, R., Palitsky, R. & Huang, Y. (in press). Call and response: A six-wave study
of bidirectional links between religiosity and spirituality among Pakistani Muslims during Ramadan.
Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. Advance online publication.
Streib, H., Chen, Z. J., & Hood, R. W. (in press). Faith development as change in religious types: Results from three-wave longitudinal data with Faith Development Interviews. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. Villanueva, R., Özer, B., Tekke, M., & Chen, Z. J. (in press). The Muslim self: Religious and psychological
implications of testification and self-development in Malaysia. Mental Health, Religion, and Culture.
Chen, Z. J., Cowden, R., & Streib, H. (2023). More spiritual than religious: Concurrent and longitudinal
relations with personality traits, mysticism, and other characteristics. Frontiers in Psychology,
Cowden, R., Chen, Z. J., Bechara, A. O., & Worthington, E. L. (2023). Associations of dispositional
forgivingness with facets of well-being among Colombian adults: A longitudinal outcome-wide study.
International Journal of Psychology, 58(2), 153-163.
Rueger, S. Worthington, E., Davis, E., Chen, Z. J., Cowden, R. G., Moloney, J., Eveleigh, E., Stone, L.,
Lemke, W., & Glowiak, K. (2023). Development and initial validation of the Persevering Hope Scale:
Measuring wait-power in four independent samples. Journal of Personality Assessment, 105(1), 58-73.

Teresa Cronell, EdD MSN RN CCRN
Using critical reflection to mitigate implicit bias and enhance cultural humility: A nursing faculty action
research study (October 2023)

Carolyn Horne PhD, MSN, RN, BCB
Symptom experiences in hypertension: a mixed methods systematic review (2023)
Beyond Men’s Experiences: Scale Development and Psychometric Testing of the Fitness in Nursing Scale
– Men (FiNS-M©). (2023)
Fatigue, Stress and Blood Pressure Medication Adherence by Race After Myocardial Infarction (2023)

Kathleen S. Jordan, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, ENP-C, SANE-P, FAEN, FAANP
Gooch, M. & Jordan, K.  (2023).  Atopic Dermatitis: A Common Pediatric Diagnosis that is Not
Just Another Rash”.  Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal.  Accepted for publication. 
MacKay, M., Powers, K. & Jordan, K. (2023).  The COVid-19 Pandemic Through the Eyes of Pediatric
Nurses: A Qualitative Study.  Journal of Pediatric Nursing.  68, 52
Diagnostic Challenge of an Older Adult with Epigastric Pain in the Emergency Department: High-Risk and
High-Volume. (2023). Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal.
The COVid-19 Pandemic Through the Eyes of Pediatric Nurses: A Qualitative Study (2023)

James Montegrico, PhD, RN, CMSRN
Montegrico, J. & Oducado, R.M. (2023). Scoping review of factors affecting Philippine nurse licensure
examination outcomes. Philippine Journal of Nursing, 92(1), 69-81.
Pate, K., Powers, K., Pagel, J., & Montegrico, J. (2023). Innovative strategies to facilitate newly licensed
nurse transition to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic: a quality improvement project. Journal for
Nurses in Professional Development. doi: 10.1097/NND.0000000000000992
Min, H.Y., Lee, J.M., & Montegrico, J. (2023). Korean version of the nursing students’ attitudes and
knowledge toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients scale. Healthcare, 11(14): 2028. doi:

Jyotsana Parajuli, PhD, MGS, RN
Ahmed, F. E., Parajuli, J., Feldman, A.L. (accepted, 2023). Socio-Legal Empowerment for Working Women
in Bangladesh. Feminist Formations.
Parajuli, J., & Kim, K. (accepted, 2023). Changing life plans: When to Engage Caregivers of Older Adults
with Cancer in Advance Care Planning. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing.
Corn, B. W., Feldman, D. B., Subbiah, I., Bakitas, M., Krouse, R., Hudson, M., Fowler, L., Fraser, V., Seigel,
C., Agarwal, R., Parajuli, J., Myers, J., & O’Rourke, M. (2023). Feasibility and acceptability of an online
intervention to enhance hopefulness among oncology.

Kelly Powers, PhD, RN, CNE
Powers, K., Duncan, J.M., & Twibell, K.R. (2023). Family support person role during resuscitation: A
qualitative exploration. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 32(3-4), 409-421.
MacKay, M.M., Powers, K., & Jordan, K.S. (2023). The COVid-19 pandemic through the eyes of pediatric
nurses: A qualitative study. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 68(Jan), 52-59. 3
Zali, M. Rahmani, A., Powers, K., Hassankhani, H., Namdar-Areshtanab, H., & Gilani, N. (2023). Nurses’
experiences of ethical and legal issues in post-resuscitation care: A qualitative content analysis. Nursing
Ethics, 30(2), 245-257.
Powers, K., & Kulkarni, S. (2023). Examination of online interprofessional education to develop graduate
students’ interprofessional socialization and collaborative competencies. Journal of Social Work
Education, 59(2), 506-519.
Chen, F., Powers, K., Goetzinger, A.M., Patidar, S., Moulthrop, A.J., Pamacheche, C., & Martinelli, S.M.
(2023). Exploring the impact of book club participation on clinicians’ empathy and reflection on
empathetic practice: A wakeup call. Cureus, 15(5), e39656.
Ghavi, A., Hassankhani, H., & Powers, K. (2023). Resuscitation team members’ perceptions of supporting
parents during cardiopulmonary resuscitation of children: A systematic review. Dimensions of Critical
Care Nursing, 42(5), 263-276. MacKay, M.M., Jordan,
K.S., Powers, K., & Munn, L.T. (2023). Improving reporting culture through daily safety huddle. Quality
Management in Health Care. Pate, K., Powers, K.,
Pagel, J., & Montegrico, J. (2023). Innovative strategies to facilitate newly licensed nurse transition to
practice during the COVID-19 pandemic: A quality improvement project. Journal for Nurses in
Professional Development.
Zali, M., Rahmani, A., Powers, K., Hassankhani, H., Namdar-Areshtanab, H, & Gilani, N. (2023). Nurses’
experiences of provision of family-centered care in the post-resuscitation period: A qualitative study.
Nursing Open.

Meredith Troutman-Jordan, PHD, PMHCNS-BC
Davis, B., & Troutman-Jordan M. (in press). Formulaic language. International Journal of Communication
Davis, B., Chen, S., Song, L., Troutman-Jordan, M., & Maclagan, M. (in press). Graphic Startups Model
Dementia Discourse. Foreign Language Conversation in Asia.
Davis, B., Maclagan, M. & Troutman-Jordan, M. (in press). Learning from Initial Reviews of Multilingual
Graphics Illustrating Dementia Caregiving. Pragmatics & Society.
Davis, B., Song, L, Troutman-Jordan, M., Chen, S., & Maclagan, M. (in press). Current language issues in
enhancing dementia discourse with Digital Caregiver Guides. Frontiers in Asia-Pacific Language and
Culture Studies.
Ezeokonkwo, F., Sekula, K., Stokes, J., Theeke, L., Zoucha, R., Troutman-Jordan, M., & Dinesh, S. (in
press). Relationships Between Interpersonal Goals and Loneliness in Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional
Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.
Troutman-Jordan, M. (in press). Successful Aging and Dementia; Finding Meaning and Purpose for
Caregivers and Care-Recipients. In B. Davis & M. Mclagan (Eds), Dementia Caregiving East and West. UK:
Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Charlene Whitaker-Brown, DNP, MSN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC, CHFN
Johnson, V., Ramdin, V., Webber-Richey, K., Iheduru-Anderson, K., Ford, C., Alexander, K., White-Evans,
S.,Okoro, F., Whitaker-Brown, C., Broome, B., & Fletcher, A. (2023). Mentoring Black, Indigenous and
people of color (biopic) nursing faculty toward leadership excellence: A concept analysis with historical
research. The ABNF Journal. Vol 2 (1). 33-55.