Program Costs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program 2024-2025

Please see the University Website for explanation of University costs: Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Estimated Cost for Nursing Students in Upper-Division Major (Final 2 Years ONLY)

YearCredit HoursTuition (Resident)Tuition (Non-Resident)University FeesBooks & ATIMajor Fees*Miscellaneous
Junior Year | Fall Semester14$1906.00$8623.00$1590.00$1400.00$125.00$950.00 My Clinical Exchange (MCE) $79.00-24 Months
Junior Year | Spring Semester16$1906.00$8623.00$1590.00$550.00$125.00
Senior Year | Fall Semester15$1906.00$8623.00$1590.00$500.00$125.00My Clinical Exchange $39.50 if not purchase 2 Years
Senior Year | Spring Semester13$1906.00$8626.00$1590.00$550.00$125.00$688.00
Estimated Totals$7624.00$34492.00$6360.00$3000.00$500.00$1667.50
ATI fees will be scheduled each semester with a specific due date. Information will be sent related to how to create your account and purchase. Fees per semester are included above but tend to be $196 per semester. (Included in Books & ATI estimated cost)


Required Junior Year (First Semester)

Student ID$25.00Verified Credentials (Drug
Screen, Criminal Background Check,
and Compliance Documentation)
Uniforms$120.00My Clinical Exchange (Clinical
Rotation Manager)
$79.00 for 24
Lab Coat$25.00Vaccines$100-300.00
(price varies)
Watch w/ second hand$30.00 (price)Eye Protection – Goggles$15.99
Nursing Shoes$60.00 (price)Physical$200.00 (price
Stethoscope$60.00 (price)
Influenza vaccine is an annual requirement and therefore, all students will incur a cost for these each year.

Required Senior Year (Second Semester)

My Clinical Exchange (Clinical Rotation Manager)$39.50/ year
NCLEX-RN Live Review$350.00-400.00
NCLEX-RN Application Fee$75.00
NCLEX Criminal Background Fee for NCBON$38.00
NCLEX-RN Registration and Payment$200.00

Optional Senior Year

Nursing Pin$50-$400.00
Senior Photo Price varies

An explanation of University Fees may be found on the Financial Services website.