Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center is located on the 3rd floor of the CHHS Building. It is a complex of learning resources and laboratories for nursing and other health professions. The LRC endeavors to design learning activities that replicate real-life clinical situations which are evidence based and student centered, thereby assisting students in their enhancement of critical thinking, clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.


The mission of the Learning Resource Center is to enhance student learning in a safe, innovative environment while promoting competence in all aspects of healthcare professional practice.

What we Provide

Faculty who participate in simulated learning experiences provide students with constructive feedback regarding individual and team performance through debriefing sessions and empower students with the ability to self-analyze their own performance during the reflective process. All simulated learning experiences are designed by faculty in collaboration with the Coordinator for Simulation and Interdisciplinary Practice.

Specific Areas of the LRC Include:

3 Patient Examination Rooms, Health Assessment Lab, Nursing Skills Lab, 4 High-Fidelity Simulation Labs, Simulation Home Environment, and 2 Encounter Labs.

Patient Simulators

9 Mid-Fidelity Human Patient Simulators and 7 High-Fidelity Human Patient Simulators: birthing, infant, toddler, child, adult critical care, adult medical surgical, and adult health assessment.

Additional Simulation Equipment

Student Auscultation Simulator, Automated Medication Dispensing System, and Simulated Electronic Health Record.