Graduate Programs


The Master of Science in Nursing degree is designed to prepare nurses for advanced practice in clinical Nursing, or Systems/Populations Nursing. Active concentrations in Advanced Clinical Practice include Family Nurse Practitioner Across the Lifespan and Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Concentrations in Systems/Population include Community/Public Health Nursing, Nurse Administrator, and Nurse Educator. Students apply to all graduate and post graduate APRN certificate programs through the Graduate School.


There are two types of Certificates offered by the School of Nursing: a post graduate APRN certificate and a graduate certificate. Students apply to all graduate and post graduate certificate programs through the Graduate School.

Graduate Certificates

Post Graduate APRN Certificates

Application Deadlines

  • Fall start: August 1st
  • Spring start: December 1st
  • Summer start: May 1st


The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is the terminal practice degree in Nursing. This degree builds upon the student's current knowledge of clinical practice, and will prepare students to practice at the highest clinical level and provide leadership in our dynamic healthcare systems. The DNP program will facilitate and enhance students' engagement in clinical inquiry, scholarship, policy, and innovation in healthcare. Following completion of the DNP program, graduates will analyze systems of care and provide transformational leadership to improve patient safety and quality of care as well as implement evidence-based, culturally competent care practices.

Translation of research findings into evidence-based practice is emphasized throughout the program. Broad goals of the program include the ability to interpret, analyze, and apply research findings to clinical and systems/population level practice settings, determine and measure system and population outcomes, manage information systems, and use appropriate technology for health and risk management and communication. UNC Charlotte offers two specializations:

Program information and course progressions


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