Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Upper-Division Nursing Major

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Upper-Division Nursing Major

The School of Nursing supports students in their academic pursuits and seeks to advise students in such a manner as to promote on-time program completion. We encourage students to pursue all avenues available to enhance opportunities for success during their initial entry into any course at UNC Charlotte, including, but not limited to, tutoring.

We are excited that our program capacity has expanded and we are able to admit more students. We evaluate applicants using a holistic admissions review. Applicants will be evaluated on multiple factors, including GPA, essays, past direct patient care and/or volunteer experience, attainment of a prior degree (4-year or higher), and hours completed at UNC Charlotte.

Application Information for Admission to the Upper Division Prelicensure Program:

  1. The School of Nursing (SON) admits to the Upper Division pre-licensure nursing program in the Fall and Spring semesters. 
  2. Students are admitted to the University as pre-nursing majors and then apply to the upper division when prerequisites are completed. 
  3. Students applying for Spring admission must complete required prerequisite courses by the end of the Fall semester preceding their admission.  Students applying for Fall admission must complete required prerequisite courses by the end of the Spring semester preceding their admission.
  4. For the prerequisite science courses and respective labs and for NURS 2100 and NURS 2200, all of which require a grade of B or above, Pre-Nursing students may repeat each course once to earn a B or above prior to applying to Upper Division. If a student does not earn a B or above in those courses, then they will be ineligible for admission to the Upper-Division Nursing major and will need to change their major.
  5. The SON admissions committee will evaluate applicants based on prerequisite grade point average (GPA) and essay questions. Optional criteria include 50 volunteer hours, previous bachelor’s degree, and those applicants who have earned 30 credit hours at UNC Charlotte at time of application. 
  6. The volunteer hours form can be found online here. Volunteer hours should be completed in a human based health care environment or a community agency that serves persons in need such as homeless shelters, food banks, soup kitchens, meals on wheels, and American Red Cross.
  7. Students admitted to the Upper-Division Pre-Licensure Nursing major must be certified as a Nurse Aide I (CNA I) and listed in the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry.

Graduates are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) The program provides the student with a background in:

  • Liberal arts, through the general education requirements of the University
  • Sciences, through the required nursing pre-requisite courses
  • Generalist nursing education

BSN graduates are prepared to function in a variety of care settings to include hospitals, clinics, public health, and home health agencies, hospice, and long-term care facilities. Upon successful completion of the majority of nursing pre-requisite courses, students may apply to the upper division of the nursing program. For an estimate of costs associated with enrolling in the upper-division major see Estimated Program Costs.

For more information on how to declare Pre-Nursing as a major, click here, or visit the CHHS Advising Center.

Deadlines for application to the University may be found here.

Application Deadlines

FALL Cohort:

Application Opens: Nov. 15

Application Closes: Jan. 31


Application Opens: Jun. 15

Application Closes: Aug. 31

Program Contacts

Name Job Title Office Email
Susan Lynch, PhD, RN, CNE Associate Director Undergraduate Programs, Clinical Associate Professor CHHS 449 C
CHHS Advising Center CHHS 103